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 It Is Possible To Cure A Drug Addiction

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PostSubject: It Is Possible To Cure A Drug Addiction   It Is Possible To Cure A Drug Addiction Icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2011 3:01 pm

What if you were told that you have a limited amount of time to
live because you have an incurable disease? Yet, it is not your body
that will die only your mind. For the rest of your life you will be
forced to live with this incurable disease! In order to manage this
disease you will have to give up control over your own life and attend
daily or weekly meetings; which there you will go over again and again
the details of your disease. Though it is possible to have a reprieve
from the disease, but you will never truly be free of it... I have just
described a 12-step program. Dismal sounding, isn't it? True hope and
encouragement is offered through non 12 step drug rehab centers.
integral part of recovery is to not relapse. Who wants to slip
backwards after they become drug and alcohol free? The idea that going
back to a chemical dependent state is at all okay is contrary to the
idea of rebuilding one's life. A lot of work goes into becoming clean
and sober, why do it more than once? Lifelong change is offered through
non-faith based drug treatment facilities that teach skills on how to
avoid life's traps.
An individual is taught to be successful in
their recovery without the necessity of the intervention of a higher
power. There is no need for the individual to admit they have no control
over their addiction and their life; because the opposite is actually
true. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used which helps an individual to
become self-empowered so they know the pitfalls of their addiction and
gives them the strength to say "no" when temptation arises.
language used affects a person's outcome, according to recent research.
If one goes into rehab with a perception of having an incurable disease
it is unlikely they will succeed. When a person talks and thinks about
achieving the desired outcome as doable, it sends a signal to the brain
and makes the desired outcome a more likely occurrence.
A person
won't return to the pre-addicted state overnight, but the more they feel
well and healthy the quicker they will get there. In addition, non 12
step rehab counselors who are former addicts are frequently hired. Often
times a person who is in therapy feels like they are damaged in some
way because they became an addict. When a positive role model is
provided of someone who went through the same exact thing and came out
on top it helps the individual change their idea of themselves.
you or someone you care about has a drug and/or alcohol problem the
sooner treatment is sought out the better. Where and how to start are
not easy decisions. Speaking with a professional, like a qualified
recovery counselor, can make the process a whole lot easier. Proper
treatment can get an individual's life back on track. It is not true
that addiction is something a person has to battle for the rest of their

After winning the battle with his own addictions, Mike Pastnor has since been an addiction counselor for non-faith based drug treatment centers to help others achieve the same level of success he has attained.

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It Is Possible To Cure A Drug Addiction 2011_m10

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It Is Possible To Cure A Drug Addiction

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